Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Special Wedding with Special Guests

Photo by Middle Child Photography
If you are looking for an out of the ordinary wedding then consider Marineland. Not only is the view of the Atlantic Ocean breathtaking there will also be some very special guests, dolphins.

For those couples who love dolphins, animals, the ocean or who like to be different Marineland is the perfect place to have a wedding. In a secluded area nestled right against the ocean this option is both romantic and beautiful. “Guests are generally quite enamored with the dolphins as well as the views from the facility,” Joan Whittemore, the marketing director for Marineland, said.

Marineland has about 20 dolphin weddings a year which can accommodate up to 400 guests each. There are multiple ways that you can incorporate dolphins into your wedding. “Quite often we are requested to have the dolphins jump at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony, for instance at the points of ‘You may kiss the bride,’ or ‘Let me introduce Mr and Mrs. . . .’ We can also have them do behaviors for photographs with the bridal couple, the bridal party, cake cutting, etc. “
These dolphin weddings can add a different flair from other traditional weddings. “The ceremonies are held outdoors with the dolphins as an entertaining and delightful component of the celebration. The pristine coastline plays backdrop to the entire event and our beautiful Florida evenings make the weddings here absolutely magical,” Whittemore said.

The dolphin wedding is definitely out of the ordinary so it can be a little pricier than some other venues. The packages start at $3000 and can go up to $20,000 although these generally include everything you could need for a wedding. So when you are planning your wedding don’t forget to consider Marineland and the special guests they offer.


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