Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Disaster Stories

Your wedding day can easily be the best day of your life but it could be a disaster. In this article you will get to read about wedding disasters. Family, friends, and wedding guests share their real life stories about some not so perfect weddings.

“At my sister’s wedding the bakery sent the cake that was on display in their store and it had spider webs on it. It also fell in the van on the way over and the drivers picked it up and tried to put it all back together. Needless to say, we went to Publix and bought a birthday cake to use last minute.” – Kelly Kyne, Florida.

“My parents were planning their wedding but my grandparents were making it all about themselves and my mom’s sisters. So, my parents eloped but they have no clue where they got married. They just drove till they found a place that was open. Later my grandma cried in front of someplace they told her they got married when they really didn’t get married there at all.” –Blair Miller, Indiana.

“At my girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding the groom and all of the groomsmen wore black denim jeans, cowboy boots and hats. The ring bearer was their 2-year-old chocolate lab who was dressed in a tux made for dogs. The father of the bride had to stand up in the middle of the ceremony to take the dog out of the very conservative Southern Baptist church because the groom was paying more attention to the dog than his soon to be wife. The groom reeked of alcohol and was slurring pretty bad. When he bent over to pick up his new bride, his mother noticed the small bottle of half-empty Jack Daniels in his back pocket and went ballistic. The bride started to cry as the groom proceeded to swear at both his mother and the pastor, who was trying to calm him down. When the father of the bride stepped in, the groom hit him in the face...hard. The next couple of hours were filled with lots of tears and arguments about alcoholism and divorce.” – Bo Culkeen, Florida.

“On the day of my aunt’s wedding in Alabama a tropical storm came through. The temperature dropped 30 degrees from what it should have been. All the bridesmaids had to wear backless dresses with sweatpants underneath in an outdoor tent.” –Christine Generale, Florida.

“On my wedding day we were just about to be announced man and wife when I heard a commotion behind us. We wanted to turn around and see what happened but the priest said not to turn around. They skipped the last song and it turns out that it was my uncle who passed out because he hadn’t eaten anything and drank too much before the wedding.” –Dianna Mack, Missouri.

Do you have any wedding disaster stories? Feel free to share some! (Photos courtesy of Facebook)


Sapphyre said...

oh don't get me started on disaster!! my entire day was a disaster- starting from the month before! A "friend" had promised to get us a limo to take us to/from the wedding as a wedding present. A month before the wedding, he disappeared completely- no one knew where he was, he'd moved out of his apartment, his phone was disconnected, not even his family knew where he'd gone. We tried to book another limo, only to find there wasn't a single one available because our wedding day was also the same day the U2 concert was going on.

3 days prior to the wedding, 2 groomsmen- including the best man- dropped out. One because of family obligations, the other because of work. I had JUST had the programs printed that morning & we scrambled to find 2 more groomsmen to replace them, then get the programs reprinted.

The day before the wedding I ended up running around like a lunatic trying to get everything done while everyone else sat around, acting like the wedding was months away. I ended up being 45 minutes late for rehearsal, wearing jeans & a t-shirt because I hadn't had time to go home and get changed beforehand and had to change at the venue. I look an absolute wreck in all the photos of the rehearsal & dinner. After dinner, the bridal party, myself and the groom headed out to a bar for a few drinks before heading home. I ended up trashed, the groom was even more wasted than anyone else, and we got into a massive fight where I nearly called the wedding off.

Sapphyre said...

the morning of, I was still drunk when the MOH came to pick me up, I'd had all of 2 hours of sleep, and we were running an hour behind by the time we got to the hotel. The boys had gone to the venue to start setting everything up and getting it decorated early in the morning. The hairdresser had underestimated the amount of time he needed to do mine & everyone else's hair, so by the time we got to the venue we were 2 hours late- leaving only an hour to get pre-ceremony photos. However, that never happened either because it turns out that DH forgot to take his keys with him, so he couldn't unpack the car with the decorations in it, didn't think to call me and tell me this and it was a mad rush during the hour prior to the ceremony. No pre-ceremony photos, no destressing, nothing. Top it off... the altar decorations blew over and shattered into a million pieces 5 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to begin.

The ceremony was okay i guess- I don't remember it. I was too upset at that point to take any of it in. The sun was right in our eyes the whole time, it was exceptionally hot for an October afternoon, & I just wanted someone to give me something on the rocks and a pack of cigarettes at that point. No one sang along with the hymns, the minister messed up the handfasting blessing, and he had edited parts of the ceremony that I had specially written.

I remember the reception being pretty fun. We didn't get even half way through our first dance because he wouldn't stop standing on my feet, so when he spun me, I spun over to the DJ and yelled "CUT!!!" then turned to the crowd and went "sorry... we both have 2 left feet, and I can't feel mine anymore because he keeps standing on them!" During dinner, I looked over at the cake, only to find the bow had fallen off and smashed into the side of it. I didn't say anything. Next time I looked, someone had turned the cake around. I made the caterer's turn it the way it was, smashed side and all so that you could see what it was supposed to look like. It didn't dawn on me until 3am when I was laying awake, trying really hard not to cry at the fact that everything had gone wrong that the cake design had been completely incorrect. It was the wrong shape, the wrong design. It was hideous. I spent over an hour bawling my eyes out that i'd paid out nearly $600 for this cake that was supposed to be absolutely spectacular and I got something that a child could've done.

When we finally got to the hotel room, we just wanted to curl up and go to sleep- we were exhausted. I went to pull back the covers of the bed, only to find the bridesmaids had snuck in and filled the bed, the suitcases, my makeup bag- everything they could possibly think of- with confetti. We had to wait nearly 2 hours before housekeeping arrived to change the bedlinens and leave us with a vaccuum.

RCaitlin said...

You poor poor poor thing! How awful! The good news is that it is all in the past :).

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

At my sister's wedding we made it a point to let the company we hired for DJ services know how important it was that we meet with our DJ in person. My sister had put a massive amount of thought into all kinds of songs, details, announcements, etc that she wanted to make sure the DJ was well prepared for. They did let us meet with him for about 10 minutes while he was packing up for another event and then told us that the office manager would write everythingd own for us and the DJ would spend a great deal of time reviewing it to be ready for the wedding. Come wedding day, the following happened:

* The DJ was late arriving due to traffic and took forever to set up the sound system. There wasn't enough time for the vocalists to do a sound check and during their song that my sister was set to walk down the aisle to, the first singers mic was out and no one could hear her.
* The DJ played the wrong song for the processional and no one knew when we were supposed to start walking because we didn't have our cue.
* The sound system cracked and popped several times during the ceremony.
* For the grand entrance he had the wedding party lined up completely backwards and then announced the Jr Bridesmaid as a flower girl.
* He forgot to make the announcement about the special little sticker that was at one guest's place setting at each table indicating they were being given the centerpiece to take home...thus my sister ended up with about 15 centerpieces at the end of the night.
* He didn't play the special surprise song my sister had wanted played when the groom removed her garter and so I had to run over to let him know that he was not playing a very specific song!
* He ignored the bride's request to play a good variety of hip hop songs (her favorite).

In the end, the guests never knew about all the issues we had with him and a lot of them raved about what an amazing DJ he was...however, we ended up getting over half her money back when we wrote a very strongly worded e-mail indicated how let down we were by all the unmet promises.

Blogger2r said...

How unfortunate! At least your sister got some money back and you're probably right, nobody else would have noticed anyway.

OceanDreams said...

Wow, talk about wedding disasters! I am glad that you hear back from some people. :)

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